The Typeform app lets you select typeforms from your Typeform workspace and reference them in the Contentful entry editor.

Apps Typeform App


The Typeform app provides the following functionality:

  • Allow users of a space to preview their typeforms right from the Contentful entry editor.

  • Directly go to the Typeform editor to edit your typeform.


In order to connect your Typeform account to Contentful, you will need:

Under the hood

Internally, the app will:

  1. Authenticate with Typeform.

  2. Add a new field entry to select and preview your typeforms.


Step 1: Authenticate with Typeform

To install the app, first authenticate with Typeform.

Apps Typeform Authentication

Step 2: Pick a workspace

Pick a Typeform workspace. Typeforms managed under this workspace will be linked to Contentful entries.

Apps Typeform Configuration

Step 3: Pick content types and install

A list of your content types will populate on the configuration page. Check the box next to the content types where you want the Typeform app to show up.

Step 4: Use the Typeform app from the entry editor

The Typeform app creates a custom Typeform picker where you can select your typeforms from the provided workspace. You have the ability to preview the typeform directly from the Contentful entry editor or you can go to the Typeform editor to modify the selected form.


Can I link multiple workspaces from Typeform to one Contentful entry?

Currently we only support one Typeform workspace at a time. If you change your workspace on your configuration page, please make sure that you do not reference any forms from your previous workspace anymore.

What data will get stored in the Contentful entry?

Contentful will only store the URL of a selected typeform.

What happens when I select a typeform that does not exist on my workspace anymore?

If you run into the case where you have selected a typeform in the Contentful entry editor that has been recently removed, you will see a warning that the typeform does not exist anymore. Clearing the field will remove the old typeform and any other stale data.

Why can I not preview my typeform?

You can only preview forms that are published.

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