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Static site generators

We love static sites generators that support secure, simple and reliable pages. The plugins integrate with Contentful, withstanding high traffic and little upkeep. Check out the guides on four of our favorites: Middleman, Jekyll, Gatsby and Metalsmith. Each includes GitHub repositories to help you get started on your project.


The static site generator Middleman is a command-line tool that uses Ruby and Ruby Gems. It’s one of the most-used static tools for large companies. This plugin will help you manage your Contentful content

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Jekyll is a Ruby based static site generator. It’s simple and blog-aware, a great option for small projects and personal sites. This plugin pulls content from Contentful.

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Gatsby is a static site generator based on React. Gatsby and Contentful work together well—you can install the Gatsby app, which lets you see updates. Gatsby also has a package that enables Contentful to be a data source for a Gatsby project.

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Metalsmith is a JavaScript based static-site generator, and this plugin fetches and renders data from Contentful.

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Automated rebuild and deployment with CircleCI and Webhooks

This tutorial shows you how to setup and automatically deploy static sites using Jekyll or Middleman with CircleCI.

Other tools

While the below tools are not officially supported by our static site CMS, they can help extend the functionality of Contentful


Roots is a JavaScript based static site generator. It doesn’t have an extensive ecosystem, but it’s great if you’re using Node.js-based front-end tools. This plugin helps you manage content from Contentful.

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Textalk is a simple static site generator, a command-line interface (CLI) tool to generate a site from templates and data in a Contentful space.

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AWS Lambda

Here’s an example static site using Amazon web services (AWS) Lambda.

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