The content platform for the modern tech stack

Cloud-native. API-first. Endlessly extensible. We help you manage, integrate and deliver content across every digital channel.

Agile development for the digital-first era

  • RESTful API

    Our stateless API with compact JSON payloads gives you full programmatic control over your content management system, including assets, translations and other versions.

  • Microservices architecture

    Manage your structured content with fully decoupled write and read APIs. Ensure a fault-tolerant content platform that evolves with your business needs and new apps.

  • Optimized for speed

    Advanced caching techniques integrate with external CDNs to deliver API payloads in the sub-100 ms range. Plus, support for AVIF image formats reduces page load times to improve customer retention.

  • Language and framework agnostic

    SDKs for the most popular languages and open source components for apps, design systems and web editor interface.

A toolbox for editors

  • Tailored for maximum productivity: Easy to use and completely customizable UX built for authoring all types of content — rich text, location, dates, collections, JSON snippets, entry references and more.


Double down on reliability

  • Work on projects autonomously

    Easily manage environments, collaborators, billing and access with individual spaces and organizations.

  • Faster delivery with less risk

    Build, test and deploy new software using environment aliases and out-of-the-box migration tooling to speed up delivery and de-risk deployments.

  • A unified system of record

    An ISO 27001-compliant cloud platform with on-staff monitoring 24/7/365, high availability, dedicated hardware and up to 99.99% uptime.

  • Global scalability and governance

    Provide easy and secure access to global users and teams with SSO (Single Sign-on) based on SAML 2.0, 2FA and SCIM integration for the most recognized identity providers (idPs).

Extensible and adaptable to the core

Simplified solutions for complex use cases

  • Secure previews

    Preview drafts and completed entries without worrying about leaks or service disruptions.

  • Channel-agnostic editing

    Write faster and publish on more channels with a built-in markdown editor and embedded media library to update source files without breaking public links.

  • Mobile-friendly

    Optimized mobile performance with selective sync, image auto-compression and support for offline persistence.

  • App Framework

    Integrate with in-house built applications or third-party cloud software directly in the web app.

  • GraphQL API

    Define exact server responses and aggregate content from multiple sources with fewer API calls and without the overhead of managing backend systems.

  • Open source libraries

    Customize the editorial interface with Forma 36 design system and field editors to implement custom behavior without re-creating components from scratch.

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