How high-end audio-visual company Bang & Olufsen is making ecommerce gains with Contentful


increase in conversion rate


increase in average order value

faster load time
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Main Challenges

  • Deliver omnichannel content experiences that are relevant to each customer's unique journey

  • Integrate seamlessly across a multitude of different in-store IT setups

  • Move from a monolithic to a microservice structure with headless components


  • 60% increase in ecommerce conversion rate

  • 27% increase in average order value

  • 3X increase in conversion rate from online store search

  • 2X increase in cart-to-checkout rate of progression

Project Story

The challenge

B&O wanted to meet its customers where they’re at — in their regions and languages, on all their personal devices and in-store displays.

But it didn’t have the tools to get there.

It had one monolithic platform that included both its ecommerce tools and content management system. This setup limited its ability to connect with individual customers and communicate a consistent message across multiple channels. Their product website and digital store were separate sites, and B&O struggled to connect online and in-store sales systems. Despite the shared platform, nothing ran seamlessly.

Moving faster with microservices

A microservice structure with headless components solved B&O’s problems. This deconstructed architecture gave it the necessary flexibility to design and implement customer experiences both online and in stores.

B&O deployed Contentful, which is built on AWS, as its headless CMS and Commercetools for ecommerce. Contentful’s extensibility, quick response times, and simple ways of creating and supporting a range of content also motivated their decision to rebuild. The two services are built to work with other components. They not only work well together, but they enabled B&O to expand with other microservices whenever needed.

Powered by Contentful and Commercetools, B&O merged its two websites into one. Now customers could learn about and purchase the latest products in one place. It also connected their ecommerce and all in-store IT systems. Contentful powers in-store digital experiences with consistent content, regardless of the store’s presentation technology.

The numbers say it all

Tomas Krag, director of ecommerce at B&O, says they’ve been tracking the numbers and they look great:

  • Load times decreased from 16-20 seconds to 3-4 seconds

  • Ecommerce conversion rate increased by 60%

  • Cart-to-checkout rate of progression has more than doubled

  • Average order value has increased by 13%

  • Conversion rate from online store search is three times higher

B&O isn’t the only enterprise to trust Contentful when moving from a monolithic architecture to microservices stack. Forrester Research Inc. says that Contentful's “API-first and cloud-native approach excels," and that "Contentful is a good fit for progressive digital initiatives that want to unify content services across channels and projects." Access the entire report here.

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